About Me

I am a hair and make-up artist with a passion for making people feel good about themselves and realise just how beautiful they are. I really love what I do, although it may sound cheesy I feel so blessed to go to work with beautiful brides and be surrounded by such love and laughter in my day to day work. I adore hearing about how you and your partner met and finding out all of the little details that make your wedding unique and special.

My make-up style is natural, timeless and flawless so that you feel like the best version of you and not like you are wearing a mask. I love vintage waves curls and beautiful updo’s, finding the perfect hair style for you is so much fun!

I also run Bride to Beauty Blog, a wedding and beauty blog filled with countless posts on planning your wedding. do click here to check it out.

I enjoy lazing around with no make-up on and my hair up  and spending time with my boyfriend and puppy, but I also enjoy spending hours with pin curls in doing my make-up for a special occasion. I love the stylings from the 1920’s and 1950s and I love Peter Pan, as let’s face it, will we ever really grow up?

As well as loving make-up, over the past 12 years I have worked and volunteered for various different organisations working, playing and learning with people with additional support needs. In 2008 I started working at a summer camp in New York for children and adults with additional support needs, it was the best thing I have ever done. Doing this has made me the person I am today and turned me from a slightly self-obsessed teenager into a caring and compassionate adult. The friends I have made along the way are friends for life.

I love to cook for my wonderful boyfriend, friends and family. I have crazily made 2 wedding cakes for friends and although I say it’s the last one I have offered to do another one! I am terrible at sticking to a recipe so nothing ever tastes the same twice but that’s all in the fun of it. If I don’t know what I want to eat I’ll make greek salad and if I am going to a party I will make fudge. If I am working on a film set I will always bake some treats and if it’s my friends birthday I’ll be the one with the cake.