Grooming for the Groom

Here at Jillian Elizabeth Hair and Makeup Artist we are not forgetting about all of you lovely grooms out there. Looking and feeling your best is so important to everyone on their wedding day! Book in for one of our manly treatments to prepare you for everything your wedding day will throw at you.

Manly Manicure £18

Tired and dry hands from working hard? No problem, this manly manicure exfoliates and moisturised your hands, removes all hangnails and shapes your nails neatly so your hands are ready for all of those wedding ring and holding hand photographs.

Manly Pedicure - £20

Get your feet ready for your honeymoon with our manly pedicure which will remove dry skin and moisturise your feet and shaping your nails.

Monobrow wax £6

Say goodbye to that monobrow with a quick wax leaving you with manly brows

Janssen Cosmetics Express Male Grooming – £29.00      

Do you need to look great in a hurry?  We can help by customizing for your skin type a quick pick me up to get you ready for action in a flash. Using deep cleansing and the revigorating circulation boosting mask, exfoliation and mask, eye care and finishing day cream.

Janssen Cosmetics Male Secret Facial - £40
Do you feel tired and stressed and this is reflected in your skin? We can help by rejuvenating,revitalising and hydrating your skin no matter what your skin type or age,using rich cream masks,serum and facial scrubs.